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 Homedics (HSM200) Mini Turbo Cordless Sport Vibration Massage

Powerful oscilating vibration massager penetrates deep into muscles


The Homedics Sport Collection offers help to those who want to relax after an intensive workout.
and those who want to maintain muscle tone. The vibrating massagers are great tools to take care of your muscles both
before and after a sports training. HoMedics also offers an effective way to improve fitness without too much effort using
electrical stimulation to help develop and maintain muscle build.


Charging the Appliance NOTE:

Always ensure the appliance is set to the ‘OFF’ before inserting the plug into a mains outlet.

1. Connect the power supply lead from the adaptor into the corresponding power inlet.
2. Plug the adaptor into a suitable 220-240V mains outlet and switch on.
3. Please charge batteries for 8 hours before first use.
4. To fully charge the unit, allow 6 hours for approximately 1 hour running time depending on the massage setting.
5. Once the charge is complete, remove the power lead.


Massager will not operate unless adaptor is unplugged from the power inlet.
1. Ensure the units is OFF
2.Wrap the belt firmly round your body over the targeted area. Adjust the size using the velcro strap. If necessary then use the extension belt (supplied)
3. Press the function power switch left or right to start the Powerful oscillating vibration massager which penetrates deep in to muscles enhancing circulation.
Press switch right to position (I) for low intensity setting Press switch left to position (II) for high intensity setting.
4. To turn the unit off, press the function power switch to the O OFF position.

Key Features

  • Powerful relief for sore aching muscles
  • Powerful oscilating vibration massager penetrates deep into muscles
  • Multi purpose massager with adjustable belt to energise tired muscles
  • 2 power programs: Hi and Lo to invigorate or soothe
  • Full charge lasts up to 60 minutes
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    Homedics Slim Around Sports Vibration Massage Belt

    Soothing vibration massage encourages circulation for muscle relief



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