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 Medicarn 400 Power Vibration Plate

Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 Power Vibration Plate Trainer

The Medicarn Eco Stability Power Series 400 Vibration Plate

The Vibration Stability Drive is a new technology exclusive to Medicarn. It utilises the Eco-Stability Processor - a computer processor which calculates weight resistance of the user and corrects the plate oscillations. This delivers a powerful and consistent vibration at the correct rate - for every user at any weight!

No other Vibration Plate has this technology. If two people of different weights, sizes and build use another brand machine machine at the same speed setting - they will not get the same workout. This happens because the motor's speed reduces under increased weight. This affects the users and trainers as it becomes impossible to set a standard workout with consistant levels of vibration.

Medicarn's Vibration Stability Drive calculates the user's resistance and corrects the motor's power - so that no matter what size and weight you are, everyone gets the same consistent workout across the speed range

Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400 is the very first of the Medicarn range to introduce this NEW Technology which not only means that each user will get the same RPM but it also means that there is less power wastage. As the correct power is delivered to the motor, a more efficient and appropriate workout is provided, so there is no need for larger wattage / in-efficient motors.

Benefits & Features

NEW Eco-Stability Drive for energy-efficient, consistent workout.
Extra large console with 3-LED display deliver feedback of time, speed and body fat value
8 built-in workouts.
10 minute programs.
Speeds 1-99.
High quality energy-efficient motor low noise delivering a smooth workout able to drive maximum user weight of 150kg
high-performance, energy-saving technology.

Key Features

  • The Vibration Stability Drive is a new technology exclusive to Medicarn
  • Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design
  • Wide range speeds to accommodate different workout options, 1-99
  • 1000 watts using the NEW Medicarn high-performance, energy-saving technology
  • BMI Body Mass Index Scanner
  • Includes DVD

    Full Instructions DVD For Assembly & Workout Exercises

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