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 Bslimmer Colours Plus Vibration Plate GOLD

Bslimmer Colours Plus Vibration Plate GOLD

Medicarn manufacturing Vibration plates since 2004
and are known for high quality machines with hi spec at affordable prices.
Medicarn the choice of more then 50,000 customers.

Key Specifications:
Remote control Input voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ Speed range: 50 levels Maximum speed:
2500rpm User weight capability: 120kg Multi functional LED screen, displaying time, speed and 5 programs.

The Bslimmer produces Whole Body Vibration
Which can burn up the fat and Improve blood circulation, increase muscle tone and skin.

Product Efficiency:
Can Reduce Weight with aerobic massage produced by vibrations. Can effectively reduce surplus
fat and water retention and Improve Blood Circulation

Fighting Back The Years!
As age increases blood vessel diameter is reduced, because of cholesterol, fat, and other harmful
sedimentations. This fact can lead to anoxemina, dizziness, hypertension, coronary heart
diseases, thrombosis and other diseases. The vibrations produced by the Bslimmer can
accelerate blood flowing and bring further benefits to the body. Accelerates Stomach & Bowel
Peristalsis. The from the Bslimmer can stimulate acupuncture points of the body and accelerate
the peristalsis of stomach and bowel, which can radically improve condition of constipation, Help
purify the body from toxins. By adjusting the Nervous System you can Increase the conductance
of the nervous system & improve conditions of sleeplessness and neurasthenia.

Body Building & Your Immunity system Can improve local blood circulation, relieve pains of
arthrosis and muscle, can be an effective remedy against muscular strain & Fatigue, can also
have a relaxing effect & improve strengh and health, builds the body and helps to improve
immunity with regular use.

The Facts
These are not just invented to create good selling points for the Bslimmer these are facts taken
directly from customer feedback and reviews from consumers own personal experience's.
With so much information now readably avilable regarding the benifits of vibration therapy
and the price of our Bslimmer range, there as never been a better time to purchase your
very own power

Key Features

  • Medicarn Bslimmer New Improved Model
  • Input voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ, Multi functional LED screen, displaying time, speed and 5 programs Comes with Remote Control
  • Dettachable support bars + FREE Power Cords
  • Wheels on back of support frame, making it easy to move around
  • Speed range: 50 levels, Maximum speed: 2500rpm 1000W
  • Free Bonus Offer

    Free Workout DVD & Power Cords

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